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“Ideas don’t make you rich. The correct execution of ideas does.”

- Felix Dennis

Whether it’s an early stage start-up or a growth stage organization or an enterprise aiming for digital transformation, we help our clients in executing their business goals using our expertise on product engineering. We are your technology partners!



We help our clients build engineering teams and software products by engaging with them throughout the product development lifecycle, right from concept ideation to go live. Since each organization has unique needs, we deliver product engineering services in different business models to suit the needs.

Minimum Viable Product

Most technology products start with an abstract business idea which needs market validation & a technological vision to execute them. We help our clients to shape up their product vision into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We engage with them from designing user experience, defining engineering architecture, selection of right frameworks & technologies, construct, test & deploy the product and devise the Go-To-Market strategy for the MVP.

Managed Product Engineering

Customers with business pedigree prefer to the run their product’s engineering lifecycle with their minimal intervention. Our managed product engineering service suits the needs of such customer. We offer two models in our managed product engineering service, fixed cost (where product scope in predictable & fixed) and time & material (where product scope is dynamic based on market & user feedback).

Build Operate Transfer

With spurt in cross geography product eco-system, many founders & business owners are preferring to build remote teams to take advantage of resource availability & low cost of building. We engage with our customers using Build Operate Transfer (BOT) service helping them with logistics of setting up a business entity, procuring office space, recruiting right talent etc. BOT service allows Customers to build & operate remote subsidiary and transfer it to them once they are ready.



Technologies used to build solutions for real world problems, rarely come with “One-Size-Fits All” ability. At Zebience, we suggest & execute product engineering for our Customers using myriads of technologies to achieve the most cost effective, time effective & future ready solutions.

Web Solutions
Big Data & Data Engineering
Mobility Solutions
User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)
AI & Data Science
Cloud Services & DevOps 

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