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Minimum Viable Product

Most technology products start with an abstract business idea which needs market validation & a technological vision to execute them. We help our Customers to shape up their product vision into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

Design & Architecture

We work with our Customers to validate your product hypothesis, design an engaging user interface, suggest the engineering architecture and select the right tools and technologies to get their MVP to market.

Time to Market

Time to market is the most important aspect of a MVP. We utilize our lean product engineering methodology to build, test & deploy the MVP in minimal time to allow Customers to hit the market and test the waters quickly.


We add features based on the initial user feedback, reduce the technical debt from MVP to develop a feature-rich product that users are happy to pay for. We help our Customers to manage their rapidly expanding user base and scale their product to meets the needs.

Managed Product Engineering

Customers with business pedigree prefer to the run their product’s engineering lifecycle with their minimal intervention. Zebience's Managed Product Engineering service takes complete ownership of the entire solution delivery based upon agreed timelines. We cover the entire gamut of activities in product engineering from requirement gathering to go to market. 

Fixed Cost

When the scope and specifications for the products are reasonably clear, Zebience offer project based pricing and help Customers with well defined estimation tools to determine the resource commitments. Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget and on target.

Time & Material

Market dynamics, competitors, end users often dictate the change of scope and specifications for the projects after delivering the initial milestone. At Zebience, we deal with it flexibly using time & material model. Zebience deploys team to execute the project, scope of the deliverable are usually smaller milestones and Customer is billed on the effort spent by the team. This gives Customer a flexibility to alter the scope for the next milestone. 

Operate - Build - Transfer

Clients wishing to set up development centers engage us in this model. We help build the team with full transparency. Whenever the client is ready the team is transferred to the client entity.

Build Operate Transfer

Customers who looking to establish their software development centers remotely in different geography but don’t want to go through the lengthy, error-prone, and costly process of understanding how to find the right people, establish legal entities, and then operate under a different set of laws and customs opt for the Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) service.


We on behalf of our Customers, provide service to select the workspace, setting up end user computing & server infrastructures, recruit staff with right skills, setup the legal framework, and put together all administrative logistics.


We can coach and train the talent pool to satisfy all Customer's needs with industry standards, making sure that all individuals are ramped up to deliver intended results. Operation can be executed in tandem by Zebience and our Customers, we as product engineering experts & our Customers as business domain experts.


We transfer the entire subsidiary and all its assets to our Customers, along with staffing. We assure delivery of a sustainable system that the Customer can own & take control of the operations.

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